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Controlling your vehicle becomes quite challenging when you have a bad or failing driveshaft. If your car exhibits any of these conditions below, a trip to Absolute Car Care in Framingham, MA, can fix it at a reasonable cost. We are competent technicians who’ll work to make sure all your driveshaft issues are resolved, including cv-joint replacement, u-joint replacement, or axle repairs. We will ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible while minimizing your repair costs.Vibration from underneath your vehicle is a symptom you should watch out for. They signify that your driveshaft is failing. Worn-out u-joints or bushings can lead to intense driveshaft vibration.Your bushings and u-joints should be serviced as soon as you notice shaking from your vehicle’s underneath. You can cause extensive damage to other drivetrain parts if you disregard to take your vehicle for drivetrain repair in Framingham, MA. This repair fixes the cause of vibrations underneath your car. A bad driveshaft may also be a reason why you are experiencing turning problems. You may experience difficulty turning since your vehicle has a broken driveshaft.